How to share links online privately with a shorter URL

short links

Many elements on the internet such as Twitter’s character limit have forced people to get creative in how they share links online. You may have noticed that links on Twitter aren’t in your standard link format – instead, they’re shortened using URL shorteners to take up as little precious characters as possible. is a fantastic way to shorten your links on your website without any concern about the length of your website.

We even offer the ability to choose between a couple URLs to use, and you can earn money by shortening your links. The best thing? It's totally private. Keep your links safe, as long as it's not illegal, hacking, or malware which will be automatically detected and removed. You are free to use the link without fear about who might have access. We don't share user data with anyone, so you can rest assured you can use for all your URL shortening needs.

Published on: 9/3/19, 3:54 AM